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About Me

I love to make stuff.  My recent creative journeys have mostly been with paper and creating some sort of book. I love the vintage style and started to create my own vintage papers when I couldn’t find or afford the ‘real’ vintage stuff.  Making Journals has become my passion and I have been lucky enough to sell my work to many more countries than I have ever visited but I am hopeful that one day I will be as well traveled.

I share my work online on my YouTube channel and Instagram

I sell my work through Etsy predominantly at the moment. However I do commission work directly.

I live in Wellington, New Zealand with one husband , two grown children, one dog and one puppy.

Still have questions? Please email me via the contact page or directly at

Yes, I would love to teach at your retreat, store or gathering, big or small. Please feel free to email me and lets see if we can get together.